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No liars, no control freaks, no booty s or fwb, no immature faces, and no male whores :-p.

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How many people actually feel seen? That quote soem Avatar: "I see you. Because when we feel seen, we feel accepted. We feel acknowledged for who we are.

And very few times in our life do we feel seen. But we have the potential, wome hope of that, in a wonderful relationship.

Hussey: I don't think the idea of being seen changes in its importance. I think it's always true.

Close relationships: liking and loving over the long term

When relationships start to have problems, it's almost always because we don't feel seen by that person anymore. You can have someone in a year marriage, and they felt more understood by their partner ten years ago than they do today.

We assume our partners aren't growing. Our partners are growing.

Types of love

They're changing. They're evolving.

The mistake is thinking that they're not. I anr say I know you this year because I knew you three years ago. I have to be getting to know you all the time.

Sex and money are out

That's what it is to truly see someone. I still need to be curious.

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Ten years into a marriage I should still be asking you, "What are your goals? So I don't think that urge to be seen changes.

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But I think we take that for granted if we've been together long enough. Familiarity isn't the same thing as true understanding. Hussey: People have to understand, and one of my good friends, Esther Perel, talks about this in her book, "Mating in Captivity"there is a big difference between love and desire. Love is something where we're tomance together.

We're getting closer. We're becoming one.

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And when you think about it, early on in a relationship, everything is a gravitational pull towards being close. But desire is the other component we need in a relationship. Desire exists in the space between two people. And when you close down a relationship so there's no more space, now desire can't breathe.

What it means to be aromantic

So it gets suffocated. And that happens in long-term relationships.

You have a marriage that breaks down often, not because there's a lack of love, but because there's a lack of desire. And so the tricky part is Seekiny have to do what seems completely unnatural, which is to sometimes grow ourselves, or do something that helps our partner see us as mysterious again.

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And it could be something simple. It doesn't have to be taking time away from your partner.

It could be your partner's never known you to dance, and tonight you take a salsa class. Just enough for your partner to go, "Huh? Hussey: Love is closeness.

Desire is what creates closeness, right? Because the more we desire someone, the more we want to bring them closer. But romajce was no rmoance in that passion. In fact, that passion was kind of dangerous. And when I experienced that passionate love myself, I luckily came out on the other side knowing it's not what I need. Now, the main thing I look for in a relationship is someone who can comfort me and make me feel calm.

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I have diagnosed anxietyand the last thing I need is for someone else to add onto that. In my experience, passion is fleeting. People who have "fallen in love" with me quickly and passionately tend to fall out of Sseking just as fast. People who have 'fallen in love' with me quickly and passionately tend to fall out of love just as fast. I don't want to wonder if things are OK between me and my ificant other. I want someone I can depend on.

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I want to simply be happy just being together, rather than seeking out psasion to be more intense and more passionate. As dull as it sounds, I want mild love. Ill take this as slow as youd like. I eat a lot unfortunately im getting bigger. I Need a dominate girl. Women seeking sex You laugh easily and are fun to be with, no head-trips, no judgments. If you could send a message with a Wife want real sex Bright info about yourself and I'll be sure to respond romaance.