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But Markides has big plans for Varosha.

Her plans have gathered the support of both Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and she has formed an unlikely friendship. Bogac's grandparents were refugees from Larnaca in the South and had been given a Greek Cypriot home in exchange for the property they had to abandon.

Bogac grew up there, but when she was five or six years old she made a troubling discovery. What kind of situation they had been faced with in order to leave everything behind - the children's toys, the photo albums, everything. As part of her research she came across Vasia Markides' Lfkosia Hidden in the Sand in which Famagustians on both sides talk about how they feel about the division.

One day Markides called and said: "Are you still interested in Varosha? Because it's haunting me.

The idea is for Varosha to become a model for green technologies. Back in the s when all the hotels were built on the coast, they blocked the sun from hitting the beach after 1pm!

It kicks off on 16 January with an architectural de studio overlooking the ghost city, where local and international experts will begin planning a sustainable future. There is one big snag, however - those barbed wire fences and patrolling soldiers.

While Cyprus remains divided, Varosha is likely to remain off-limits. Central to any settlement is the idea of "territorial adjustment" in which property taken from Greek Cypriots would be reinstated in full - this will also mean re-housing many Turkish Cypriots.

Nearly all of the property in the fenced-off area of Varosha belongs to Greek Cypriots - and it is uninhabited. Mohyers Cypriots argue that it would be a good confidence-building measure for the town to be returned before peace talks on hold since March We have to do something for this city.

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