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Among others, the booklet demonstrated that the Black population which represents close to 1.

To obtain a more comprehensive portrait of this population, this second booklet presents indicators related to education, employment, income, family structures and perceptions using data from the census and the General Social Survey GSS. This booklet first looks at the education characteristics of the Black population, which are associated with several ottawx aspects of their socioeconomic situation. An analysis of the highest level of educational attainment was marrisge by sex and immigrant status, followed by data on the educational expectations and aspirations of young Black individuals.

In addition to employment, unemployment and income indicators, there are also data presented on work experiences, including their perceived experience of discrimination and their level of satisfaction. Some socioeconomic indicators are then presented for selected census metropolitan areas CMAwhich show that, far from being homogeneous, the situation of the Black population searcjing greatly from one part of the country to another.

Population of interest There are many different ways to define and measure the population of interest. It is a population that comprises a diverse community of people in terms of history, ethnic and cultural origins, place of birth, religion, and languages.

Respondents can select one or more of the listed population groups, or specify another group. Description for questionnaire The image shows question 19 on population groups from the Census of Population 2A-L questionnaire. Respondents were asked 'Is this person:' and were instructed to mark one or more of the 11 mark-inor to specify another group in the write-in space, if applicable. The list of mark-in are the following: White South Asian e.